Are your IoT gadgets exposed on the network and getting hacked?
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Bringing Public Key Cryptography to 21st Century.

IoT Security

It's rare to see IoT and Security in same sentence nowadays. To complement our CA offerings we have out of the box solution to patch up security-wise broken and/or unsupported IoT devices.

Modern CA software

We ditched 30+ years of PKI baggage and started from scratch resulting in modern Certificate Authority software that you actually want to use even on the go. Install local instance or deploy in the cloud - choice is yours

CA as a Service

Setting up Certificate Authorities is generally a complex task and needs experienced folks to get it done right. We're building CA as a service which makes it significantly easier for you to set up devices that need make use of PKI and X509 certificates

Pinecrypt Shield

The network band-aid for leaking network

What is this?

Pinecrypt Shield is installed between your enterprise/industrial devices and the rest of the network. All traffic going to your devices is firewalled by Pinecrypt Shield. Pinecrypt Shield decouples security from your device's original purpose and keeps the security features up to date as the security track record for IoT companies ranges from miserable to gloomy.

Why should our organization deploy these?

Shodan indexes vulnerable devices accessible over the public Internet. Our aim is to get that number down to zero. Pinecrypt Shield can be used to patch legacy networks and devices, for instance in case vendor has stopped providing software updates or if device has reached end-of-life. Even for up to date devices Pinecrypt Shield can provide additional security layer with up to date ciphersuites and allow further constraining device's exposure on the network as most IoT devices won't even allow you to configure that.


Few words about the journey.

  • 2010-2013

    Hello PKI!

    Lauri conducts his very first VPN trainings and realises PKI is an unholy mess

  • July 2013

    Company Is Registered

    Lauri registers his very first company for consulting business

  • 2015-2018

    Development of in-house CA software

    With previously gained experience Lauri heads off to write Certificate Authority

  • 2018-2019

    Focusing and business development

    Marvin, Frank, Erki, Kristjan and Clyde join to transform Pinecrypt to a scalable business

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    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

Essientially the A-team.

Erki Aas

WebDev & Cisco Engineer

Lauri V├Ásandi

Clan Chief

Marvin Martinson

DevOps Engineer

Frank Korving

Quality Assurance Engineer

Kristjan Kuusk

Computer Networks Advisor

Clyde Johnston

Business Advisor

With Lauri's prior experience with PKI, Franks work experience at Swedbank, Marvin's Estonian CERT experience and Erki's Cisco skills we know we've got what it takes to make it happen. We have Kristjan with 10+ years experience in the ICT sector and Clyde with previous experience working at banks as our advisors.

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